Weight Loss Surgery in Adelaide and Perth

Solutions to Obesity

Weight loss is only a means to an end.

What are your real dreams and goals?

Our friendly, professional team of surgeons, dietitians, psychologists and physiotherapists are here to help you change to a healthier lifestyle and lose kilograms – so you can live longer, sleep better and have the energy you need to enjoy life!

Weight loss surgery is supported by our unique program, available in Adelaide and Perth. Losing weight is never easy, but with help from your body and our team, you can do it!  Whether you proceed with an Adjustable Gastric Band (Lapband surgery), a Sleeve Gastrectomy, or one of our other surgical options, you can be sure that the signals your body sends you will now help rather than hold you back. Our support program is designed to help you settle in to a healthy, happy lifestyle for the long run.

Our surgeons are here to help you choose the obesity surgery option which is right for you and the options we offer are as safe as many commonly performed procedures (like gallbladder or hernia surgery). For most people who have more than 15 kg to lose, having surgery is safer than keeping the weight.

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